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Default Re: Lethal Samurai Steel - The Win Yun Lee / Silver Samurai Thread

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
I'm interested to see how SS's relationship with Shingen is. A big part of the Shingen/Wolverine arc in the original mini is that Shingen views Wolverine as being unworthy of his daughter, and not even a full human because he's a mutant. An animal in his eyes.

I will be interested to see then how he views his son if they keep Silver Samurai a mutant.
This is Silver Smaurai's character description for the film, it seems to indicate that he will indeed be a mutant.

"The illegitimate son of Shingen, who posses the ability to charge his katana with "tachyon energy", which can then cut through almost anything. Lee said that he underwent rigorous sword training for the film."

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