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Default Re: Arkham Origins Announced

The lack of Rocksteady is cause for concern..then again the influx of different takes on familiar ideas has potential.

My biggest fear in the absence of Rocksteady is that the fluid and intelligent design displayed in the small details of both Arkham games will be lost.

-Will the much larger environment mean more loading sections instead of one giant land mass separated only by interior and exterior environments? perhaps the bridge will be where the loading takes place behind the scenes.

-Being in the city it has mentioned that even larger buildings will feature (skyscrappers) how will they implement that and maintain the gameplay density already established.

-You will be in the actual city, how will civilians and the overall living city be portrayed? are we to expect the entirety of the game to take place all within one night?

So many questions yet the potential is amazing, atop that is the knowledge that the "A" team over at Rocksteady is probably working on another bat game of their own and will potentially refine/perfect anything that origins introduces..

the new batman design does look amazing...smaller ears, less clooney-ness

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