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Default Re: X-Men First Class Official Manip Thread

Originally Posted by notahipster View Post
@wobbly, man I just love your work. FOX should take notes from you, and learn how to make epic movie posters.
Thanks, and funnily enough I got into doing these as I wasn't impressed with the posters they were putting out for the 1st Fantastic Four movie, so I made my own (apparently one theatre somewhere did use it as a poster).

Been seeing the DOFP comic cover I did all over different web-sites since news of the movie came out (they usually crop it though so my signature is gone, lol).

Oh, and I've revised the Magneto one a bit as I didn't like some bits on it (the new one will show up when the page is refreshed).

When we get more info on who is in and playing what, and get some character shots etc, I might make make up another one if the posters are like the First Class ones (some were pretty lame).

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