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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Elevator Man and LuisTX85 brought up what I was going to say about Fox telling Bruce to not take him for an idiot earlier on in the movie and Bruce saying ok. Another thing we have to remember is that Bruce then asked Lucius to make more antidotes. If he was just pretending to be an idiot and secretly knew how to make something like that, why didn't he just ask Lucius what he used in the antidote so that he could make more of them for future encounters with Scarecrow? That would've been smarter since Lucius making more would bring Lucius a step closer to figuring out that Bruce is Batman. If he was really able to make the antidote on his own, I don't think he would've asked Lucius to make more.

I think Nolan nailed all aspects of Batman in BB and TDK except for how intelligent he is supposed to be. TDK and TDKR did fix that a bit with Bruce building the big sonar machine and the clean energy bomb but overall, Batman's intelligence is severely underplayed in the Nolan films. This is also the main reason why I can't see Nolan's Batman in a JL movie.

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