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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Bruce wouldn't have gotten the idea to build a sonar machine if Fox didn't make that small sonar device for him to apprehend Lao in TDK. Fox pulled a Cobb (from Inception) and implanted the idea in Bruce's head. "Like a uh--" "Sonar Mr. Wayne"

Eventhough Bruce and Fox had one moment together in Batman: Earth One. I liked it better than the way Nolan trilogy handled the gadget stuff.
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I'm talking about when Wayne went to Fox for help to fix his speargun. Bruce already put it together himself but it was faulty, when he used it for the first time. He had Fox fix it. And even used the same excuse BB did, which was he needed the speargun for spelunking.
True. However, I still think the Sonar machine was a major accomplishment for Bruce. Even Fox was impressed with what he did.

I personally didn't like that moment in Earth One. I wasn't a fan of the idea that Bruce can't even fix one of his basic gadgets without Fox (at least Nolan's Batman seems like he can). The fact that Fox is younger too makes it worse IMO.

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