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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
True. However, I still think the Sonar machine was a major accomplishment for Bruce. Even Fox was impressed with what he did.

I personally didn't like that moment in Earth One. I wasn't a fan of the idea that Bruce can't even fix one of his basic gadgets without Fox (at least Nolan's Batman seems like he can). The fact that Fox is younger too makes it worse IMO.
I see your point. I sort of agree that Bruce should be able to fix a basic gadget he created. Nolan's Batman probably needs Fox to build and fix his gadgets. Since I never seen Nolan's Batman fix any of his gadgets in the trilogy. I just prefer that Earth One moment over Nolan's b/c he didn't rely on Lucius to make his gadgets all the time like he was Q or something. Plus I let it slide b/c B:E1 is an elseworlds story and Batman was starting out in that comic.

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