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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 50

Originally Posted by AntMan View Post
Wonder Woman is such a cool character. If Thor can work then she should be able to. Unfortunately there is a history of action movies with a female lead not working.
There are plenty of action adventure movies starring men that don't work on a creative and box office level. The problem is hollywood refuses to even develope action adventure movies starring females in a serious manner.

Since there have been a few instances now of movies with above the title actresses starring in them making boatloads of money now is the perfect time to make a Wonder Woman movie.

The character is well known so since hollywood largely hates original films they have the name recognition thing down. If Charlies Angels and Tomb Raider can do over 100mil, I don't see why a Wonder Woman movie couldn't do even more since ticket prices are higher?

I hope MOS is as big a hit as WB thinks it will be and I hope that makes them less gun shy about Superhero films and leads to a Wonder Woman film that is half way decent.

Wonder Woman can work if they don't half ass it and don't make it about her fighting an evil cosmetic company and don't allow it to be directed by an idiot with a silly moniker.

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