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Default Re: Man Of Steel Trailer Crowd Reactions Thread

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
It's not as rare as you make it sound. It happens in my area (Washington DC) all the time. But you're right in that the majority of the time it's during packed (most often midnight) shows. It just depends on the demographic make-up of the audience, though. When I went to see Django Unchained on a Saturday evening (around 7pm), we had a fairly young, rowdy crowd who had audible reactions to just about every trailer (good and bad). That's the fun (and risk) of a movie theater audience - you never know what kind of communal experience you're gonna get. One person can have some funny, loud reaction to something, and that can elicit a joint reaction from everybody else in the room. Suddenly you're all in on the fun. That's the experience home video will never be able to replicate, imo.

As for the topic, the two times I saw Oblivion they only showed the old trailer, and there were no reactions. Boo.
I have lived in the same area you have all my life and have never heard the audience clap during a trailer. If someone yelled out a "supermans back baby!" People would WTF out of their minds and tell her to stfu and stay quiet.


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