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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 50

So I've been putting out feelers for info recently with the tiny amount of people I know in the industry (no one major) and one of them dropped a probable bombshell today.

Bear in mind that this is fourth-hand at best from shifting sands and my source is iffy about it so big grain of salt time.

Ready? Deep breath...

MOS2 is Justice League.

Towards the end of post on MOS WB fell in love with it and out of love with Will Beall's "separate universe" JL script. But they still want JL for 2015 and they also want a MOS sequel sooner rather than later.

So the plan is to slap the two together.

The only details given to me is JL is a direct sequel to MOS with Goyer writing and Snyder directing. After MOS Lex Luthor starts gathering supervillians for a "society" so Superman has to put together the League to fight them. Also the TDK trilogy is indeed separate so there will be a new Batman. No Bale or JGL.
Seriously %$@# this. I understand most people on here want this JL movie, but how can this possibly be seen as a good idea.

Also, I'm certain a Wonder Woman movie can be made. I'd love to see her get the same treatment as what Supes and Bats got with MOS and TDK. She is still a recognizable character with everyone. And all they need is to find her human angle and have her portrayed well by some new young female talent. Hunger Games is a great example of how people would get behind this.

Conversely she is a hard character to get right. I can't think of a single comics run of hers that is noteworthy. I liked her portrayal in Morrison/Waid's 90's JLA run. Azarello's has been good in sections, weak most of the time, and horrible quite a bit as well (when it delves into sexist misogynistic Greek parables). And I think that's a sign that most of the comics writers can't find the right angle for her. Not even Joss Whedon could. I'm hopeful Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman Earth One (this year?) will finally light the bulb in everyone's minds on how to approach her.

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