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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
No, the back acne was the result of wearing a heavy winter coat in the middle of the summer. His shape in TDKR wasn't that impressive, it's easily (and I mean easily) achievable without the use of any steroids.

Back acne =/= Steroids. My friend who just started training has tons of back acne, and I see guys with it all the time at the gym, and most of them aren't really big.
Woah, I never said that back acne = steroids. However, it is a well-known side effect. I never thought about the coat thing. I know Hardy's size is achievable naturally, I've lifted for 5 years myself. However, given the fact that he was an actor under a tight schedule to get up in size after This Means War, I merely meant there were some things that pointed to use of anabolics. Furthermore, in regards to the folks at your gym, you would surprised how many steroid users have mediocre physiques. A lot of them get on the stuff thinking it is the easy way to muscle, not realizing that you still have to put in the hard work and that steroids just amplify your gains.

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