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Default AMC, Regal Entertainment theaters, and Cinemark Theaters will not be showing IM3

Saw this on tweeter via marvel_freshman

I'm not sure why this hasn't made a bigger splash, but as of right now, the three largest theater chains in the U.S. will not be showing Iron Man 3, arguably the biggest movie of the year.
Here's an article from Wall Street Journal with further details

but it comes down to money (obviously).

Disney is attempting to renegotiate terms with the distributors to get more money. Apparently their demands are too much for the theater chains, and have pulled ticket sales from their websites and theaters (though the WSJ article doesn't mention theaters).
It'll be interesting to see what Disney does, as these guys run over 1/3 of the nation's theaters. I can't imagine that we won't see Iron Man 3 in Regal, AMC, and Cinemark theaters, but Regal has actually not shown a major film before due to similar disputes.

What are your thoughts? Who is wrong/right?

Also, indeed this is a recent development. Theaters had already had tickets on sale, including special marathons. Now they are gone, so if you've purchased a ticket, you may want to contact your theater to see how they're handling things.

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