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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I keep telling myself that Thor is going to have those insane feats of strength in this movie. I hope I'm not let down but I'm also okay with how he and his strength have been portrayed so far, he for sure isn't a little league hitter. Cap is the only one I need to see much, much more out of athletically and skill wise, and it seems like they are trying to showcase his skills in his movie so I hope they're doing the same with Thor. I need more than hammer throws and extended lightning summoning, I want like lightning charged hammer hits and even to see his full strength without the hammer being involved. Pick up something that looks almost impossible to move with almost no noticeable strain and throw that stuff like that!
Well in this article from USA Today Chris H. said that Thor is going to elevate his fighting style to cope with the increased threats. He said Thor shouldn't only be throwing his hammer like a viking, he said Thor's a demigod and he should fight using dynamic moves.

I smiled so hard when I read that, because that's just the stuff we wete hoping for as Thor fans.

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