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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
No one would have understood who those characters were. It worked the way it did specifically because of all the build up. If we would not have had the phase 2 movies and just jumped right into Avengers the only people who would be happy and understand what was going on would have been comic book fans...all of 300,000 people.
But you didn't need to know who those characters were, the film isn't about any one of them, it's about the formation of the team. Does it add to the experience to have seen all the solo films? Of course, but Avengers is set up in a way that's accessible to everybody regardless of whether or not they have seen the solo films. If you look at it purely objectively there's nothing from the solo films that genuinely affects the story of Avengers. It's a 'getting the band back together' type of movie done with superheroes, who the villain is really doesn't matter, what the characters did before hand doesn't matter, all that matters is the threat present in the movie and how these characters deal with it. That's it. There's nothing overly confusing about the movie if you haven't seen any other solo films, hell my mother only saw Iron Man and enjoyed the crap out of it. So I'll stand by my comment that the film was going to be a success one way or the other - because it's good.

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