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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by Norek View Post
That's what a person who's not that well-informed on the matter would say, and while it's true, there's so much more to that, it's silly to say "Oh he has a back acne, steroids!". Not saying you aren't, but that's no argument. Not enough, at least.

Of course. However, there's this thing called "noobie gains" which I'm sure you're familiar with since you've lifted before. That, combined with the fact that many of these actors have stayed in a relatively good shape in-between shooting different movies, and in the case of Cavill, great genetics, I wouldn't be so fast to assume he's used steroids.

Also, in many cases, actors have a pump before shooting these scenes, and there's even video evidence of Cavill doing it before shooting the shirtless scenes. As you know, with a pump, everyone looks larger than they are, and that's a neat trick for actors to use when required.

So, from all we know, Cavill's physique for the movie, given the time he had to achieve it, given the fact that he's been in a good shape before and he's not a stranger to lifting weights, etc., it sounds perfectly plausible that his physique was achieved without the use of steroids.
Why are you going on about Cavill? I specifically said that he did not look like he used to me. He didn't have the typical water retention or acne. When people accused him of using during shooting back in 2011, I defended him using most of your points. I think the consensus is that Cavill gained the muscle naturally because of muscle memory from Immortals and the solid, functional strength program he was put on by GymJones. He also had more time than most to get in shape. He was officially announced in Jan 2011 and filming began in July or August I think.

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