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Default Re: If the Guauntlet fits, you must admit .... it's time for Thanos!

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
The GA audience can be very fickle. People loved Loki because they felt bad for him in the beginning and the actor did a phenomenal job portraying him. People loved the Joker because of the sheer audacity of his actions and once again a phenomenal portrayal by the actor. Have the right actor portraying him and an excellent story pertaining him and the audience will eat him up.
I love Thanos, obviously, but movie audiences tend to love villains who are layered and complex instead of one-dimensional. Loki and Magneto and The Joker -- especially Ledger's version -- are very multifaceted and fascinating; one-noters like Red Skull, Abomination, Whiplash, Parallax, Ironmonger, and Topher's Venom far less so.

It'd be hard to add layers beyond "megalomania to the nth extreme" to a character like Thanos.


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