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Default Re: Does this movie have too many characters?

Originally Posted by Double B View Post
There is only one present. It's post-X3.

And this movie will definitely not end by returning to the "regular" present AKA the one we were left with at the end of X3. That's the "****" Bryan wants to fix.

The whole concept behind Days of Future Past is that something gets changed in the past which alters the future. Also, wasn't there a report that Singer was talking with people about the way timelines work? I remember reading something about that...

This one is pretty simple. We have to have the regular present first, then something gets changed in the past (1973), which changes the future (which was the present) into something different than it was, which requires someone to go back to the past (either physically or mentally) to fix what was changed, which puts the future (present) back to the way it was (or something totally different/unexpected).

My point is that there isn't just "one present". That kind of defeats the whole idea of Days of Future Past.

Next, Omar Sy. Who else, besides Bishop, could he be playing? He is perfect for the role of Bishop, so that just makes logical sense.

If they go the cartoon style of Days of Future Past it won't be Kitty as the main character. As we all know in the comic it was Kate Pryde that sends her mind back to take over Kitty Pryde (in the past) to let the X-men know that they had to prevent the murder of Senator Kelly. Personally, I love Ellen Page, but I can't see her being the main catalyst. Plus the whole mind transferance through time is going to be confusing to many. I think it will be a physical time travel.

In the cartoons it was Xavier and/or Forge who realized that something was off and that they needed to send someone back to the past to fix it. In one cartoon Xavier wakes up in the future

In Wolverine and the X-men it was Xavier, who was in a coma for 20 years, who was able to communicate with Wolverine in the past. And although he was able to get the sentinal controlled future to change, it instead became the Age of Apocalypse.

In the X-men Animated Series it was Bishop who played the role of Kitty, but he was sent back in time because there was a traitor in the X-men. Nice spin on the concept and allowed Gambit to be the main culprit and allowed him to have to focus on proving his innocence.

Since we have heard nothing of Gambit, and again, Omar seems perfect for Bishop, I think it's going to be a combination of the above. It will likely be Bishop, from the future, sent back to the past to stop something major.

So again, we'll have the Present 1, the 1973 past, a Present 2 (changed because of something that happened in 1973) and once righted, back to Present 1 or a Present 3 (like an Age of Apocalypse).

Much of this is based on Omar Sy being Bishop. o if he is not Bishop, please feel free to give me another X character that he could be...

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