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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Davis was a good addition, I liked him too. People have bad memories of him because of the finale and the whole Davis/Chloe/Jimmy thing, which sucked, yes. But Davis was an interesting character, I didn't think they can pull off Doomsday with a human form but they did. I for one, am glad he was a part of the show. That was Season 8 where everything changed anyway and it was basically a new beginning for Smallville, of which Davis was a good part, like I said. It's just disappointing that the bad finale and some of the Lana episodes left people with such sour taste after a season that was actually really good.
I thought the Davis(+Chloe) stuff after Lana left was overkill personally. They could have had Doomsday show up at Bride and that be the big payoff for the character and the storyline would have been perfect but in the second half it was just to much Davis loves Chloe and struggles not showing his emotions to her, Jimmy has issues with Davis and Chloe, idiotic retcons involving Davis, Chloe Hide Davis in her basement, Chloe runs away with Davis. I am sorry I didn't care enough about Chloe or Davis that I needed them to be the focal point of most of the last 8 episodes, it just felt like something I would expect out of bad Lana plots from earlier seasons. The only difference was even with Bad Lana plots she never got so much focus for a large group of episodes bunched together. Chloe and Davis stuff basically should have been relegated to the b and c plotlines of most episodes instead of getting major focus like it did

To be perfectly honest as much as I dislike Power and Requiem I think Beast was the worst episode of Season 8. There is also a case for Eternal being worse then those 2 episodes(although all 4 are in my worst 12 episode list)

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