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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

I think The Wolverine will get lost in the shuffle unfortunately. I do expect a solid film from Mangold, but whether it can top IM3 critically is another matter. At this point I'd say NO, based on the great buzz that Black's film is getting so far. Even though I like Wolvie better then his competition, he's down on my anticipation list after seeing the trailer. I found it flat and uninspired. You can't tell quality from a trailer, but it didn't sell the sizzle.

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
So everyone's just gonna forget that Thor 2 comes out this year as well, I know it's a while away but it's still a factor.
It's tough to gauge when there hasn't been any footage yet. Things will change after the trailer. I'm looking forward to TDW more then anything in 2013. Hopefully the first footage doesn't let me down.

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