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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

I personally dont know anyone particularly excited about Iron Man 3... it seems to be one of those 'yeah, i'll go see it cause it's bound to have some cool stuff in it... but meh' films... at least with the people I know.

With MOS it's different. Because I think people are genuinely surprised after watching trailers cause they are used to Superman just being a certain way that they weren't interested in... and then they realise this is something totally different. It's bound to get people curious in a way that the third Iron Man movie (4th if you count Avengers) can't.

Not to mention the fact that the Iron Man franchise hasn't been a trilogy. So there's no particular investment in seeing how the trilogy ends. It's just 'more of the same' for lack of a better phrase, and I think you could miss Iron Man 3 completely and still enjoy Avengers 2 just as much without feeling like you've missed anything.

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