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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Im not acting in a knowitall way. I just speak taking into account how most movies use to be, and all the stuff any cinema fan would know if follows some of these big productions.

This production last from April to October, that means 6 months where actors can come and go in a more confortable way, making room for Singer to work with different people at different times, without the need to shoot all the scenes of one actor on just 4-5 days.

If that happens, its more likely that it would be Halle's case, but she arrived later than Anna.

And as I said later, if Hugh, Halle and Daniel came later on the week, I highly doubt Anna/Rogue doesnt share screentime with them.

Ellen Page was on Montreal too, as posted days before, but she went to another city later, seen in one of her latest video interviews, does that mean her filming is done too?

of course not. This is how big movies use to be shooted, so Rogue/Kitty fans dont need to worry. Or the fans of any x-man.
I don't even think she's done, but your LOL-ing at anyone who thinks she is finished is kind of arrogant. Please understand, I am not insulting you.

"How most movies used to be"? In X3, Cyclops and Angel were used in all the marketing and their roles turned out to be tiny. Things like that happen all the time. We just really don't have any idea.

Ellen did an interview saying she was in Montreal but she never mentioned filming (it sounded more like she visited for maybe fittings or just to check it out?) and that interview was done way early. She actually said she had DOFP coming up, so no, it can't be assumed that she's finished.

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