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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by josh8 View Post
I don't even think she's done, but your LOL-ing at anyone who thinks she is finished is kind of arrogant. Please understand, I am not insulting you.

"How most movies used to be"? In X3, Cyclops and Angel were used in all the marketing and their roles turned out to be tiny. Things like that happen all the time. We just really don't have any idea.

Ellen did an interview saying she was in Montreal but she never mentioned filming (it sounded more like she visited for maybe fittings or just to check it out?) and that interview was done way early. She actually said she had DOFP coming up, so no, it can't be assumed that she's finished.
I didnt want to be arrogant, so if u got that impression, sorry. I just found it funny that some fans quicly come to conclussions with one simple report or fact. you know... to overreact.

I dont know if Anna shooted 5 scenes or only 2, but I at least am not worried with her role. Im not expecting her to be the star of the movie, but I dont expect Rogue to appear just during 1 min only. Maybe Kitty, Rogue, Storm and co. will have a bit smaller role, but Im sure it will be good enough to please most of us. I trust in Singer this time

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