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Default Re: AMC, Regal Entertainment theaters, and Cinemark Theaters will not be showing IM3

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
It's probably not being made a big deal out of because no one thinks this is going to go on for long.

I don't think you understand how big those theaters chains are in the US. Where I live, they're almost the only places to see movies like IM3. If none of these theaters show IM3 then I will literally not be able to see it.
Same here. Those three chains make up the majority of the theaters, at least on the west coast. Not sure what different chains there might be on the east coast.

So typical of a insanely large corporation. They get greedier and greedier. A few corporations I've worked for in the past would brag at the employee meetings how well the company is growing and making more money...then they told us a little later that bonuses were going away or they were going to skip raises that year.

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