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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Okay, seriously guys. Superman's my dude, but when people get blown out of an airplane, and Tony is all like "Quiet moments like these I love being a superhero..." you can't help but love that... and if somehow your zeal for Superman's pre-eminence does so, it doesn't do that for most. IM3 is going to be ridiculously epic and unless it makes a significant mis-step, it has the potential to make a billion dollars.

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
I predict IM3 wins the box office, and MOS wins with critics but also has a huge gross
This is also true. MOS will almost certainly be a better film, and if the [mild spoiler: whining about some twist] is accurate, a better received film. And it's not like MOS won't be wildly successful, it's just... sequel power is nothing to sneeze at, neither is the Avengers box office and it's spillover effect to the tributary films' sequels.

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