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But the real questions are...

#1. Will they use Vietnam?

The write-up for the movie talks about the X-team going back to stop a change to a major event from history.

If this is 1973 then we are talking either Vietnam or Watergate...

#2. Would they show Wolverine in the past?

Just as we saw with FC, Wolverine is a possible character. From Origins we know that he served in Vietnam, as did Forge. Wouldn't it be great to see Wolverine and Forge meet during the war?

#3. What about this X-Envelope idea of mine?

This is a real thing. I'm not making it up, and it's very recent news that could have very much affected Bryan's concept. My point is that if you are going to use Vietnam and/or Watergate (which is where this seems to be going) then why not use a real thing called the "X Envelope" in an X-men movie?

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