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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan83 View Post

givin the recent electro set pics, I am going to bump my old theory about the supposed easter egg at the end of the first movie
You maybe right.We are getting Electro(Final swing in ASM) and Rhino(Lab easter egg) in this one and it's almost confirmed that we will get Green Goblin in TASM3 to end it with something big.

If they go in order then first we might get Shocker and Vulture for ASM4 and Mysterio in ASM5 and finally concluding second trilogy with sinister six for ASM6.

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He sacrificed everything he has to give everyone else, the people that kicked him, spat on him,he gives them a chance. He saves them though they would more likely than not, let him die.Spider-Man is our personal Jesus, he is all of us.
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