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Default Re: If the Guauntlet fits, you must admit .... it's time for Thanos!

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I love Thanos, obviously, but movie audiences tend to love villains who are layered and complex instead of one-dimensional. Loki and Magneto and The Joker -- especially Ledger's version -- are very multifaceted and fascinating; one-noters like Red Skull, Abomination, Whiplash, Parallax, Ironmonger, and Topher's Venom far less so.

It'd be hard to add layers beyond "megalomania to the nth extreme" to a character like Thanos.
It does help to be a layered villain but it doesn't always need to be. I mean people love General Zod and Lex Luther but their portrayals aren't always layered, they're just played very well. The other villains you named just had nothing compelling about them really.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
well, if my belief that Marvel NOW is sort of working with Marvel Studios, they can sort of take a back store from Thanos Rising, which I am MORE than sure you read the first issue sam.

That could be template maybe, depending on how fans react to that, it could be a way to go to make Thanos multilayered.
I was just thinking this exact thing.
Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
You'd consider The Joker "layered"? Personally I found him more of a meglomaniac. It was just the performance and little personality nuances that lifted it up. It's not like we got to get into his backstory and the kinds of things that make up who he is as a person. In fact, Alfred basically handed you that on big neon cards with his explanation of how some people just want to watch the world burn.

I just think there's all kinds of possibilities for Thanos. He's got a fantastic name #1. I hope whomever they get has a commanding, booming voice. I would be so pissed if he got the Red Skull treatment. I'm not even a big time comic reader but in what few things I've now caught up with in regards to him, I'm already sold. There's just something about the character.
Edited it for you.

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