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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
They most probably don't agree with you because they have a different OPINION about it than you do. OPINIONS are not quantifiable FACTS. They are personal choices.

But I have to much of your opinion of his better acting abilities is actually based upon his acting? Downey has approximately 43 years of experience behind him and multiple acting awards and nominations, Cavill has around 12 years acting experience and a quick search shows no major acting awards (although I could have missed something). Yes, as you said, many people consider the longer you do something the better you get at some will like Downey more for that reason. Personally, from what I have seen of both of their careers (and with me being 56 years old and an avid movie and TV watcher, I have seen a lot of the both of them) I would have to say that i believe at this point that Downey is the better actor. And before you shout bias or some such thing let me tell you.....I have never been a great fan of Downey. As a matter of fact, for a long time I detested the man.

Also, when I check your profile....I see you belong to Superman Fan Club Social group and you post primarily in DC comics characters is it any surprise that you choose the actor who will playing the next Superman in a DC based movie over an actor in a Marvel movie? So I have to wonder again....are your statements really about ACTING ABILITY or are they simply a "fan" reaction to the comic character of your preference.

The list of people nearly cast as Bond over the years would astound you. happens all the time.

That sounds like a Tuesday in Hollywood to me.

That's a general pleasantry that can be said for anyone.

In....Your....Opinion. Because NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.....that is the opinion of some....some people think Iron Man was better....some think Howard the Duck was better.....hell, someone somewhere thinks Plan 9 From Outer Space was better. That's the great thing about opinions.....they are allowed to be different from other people's.

I personally liked both movies....I thought that BB was the best of the Nolan trilogy (in my opinion they got worse as the trilogy continued)....and thought that IM was good take on the character.
I have watched stardust , the Tudors , immortals , and the movie he just made with Bruce Willis and my dad is half British i know how many people missed out for 007 but my point regarding Henry at age 22 he would have been 007 had director martin Campbell gotten his way but we all know what happened Craig won it and got nominated for the bafta for it and how could i be biased towards Henry because he is superman and i post in dc forms when i would have preferred Henry as 007 then as the man of steel ?

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