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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 2

Obviously you knew who the characters are and their histories before seeing any of the individual films or the team up. For someone like myself who does not read the comics, I needed those stories to explore the characters and their relationships for the Avengers to make sense. When Stark utters "Is that the guy my dad was always talking about?" WTF is that supposed to mean if you don't know their respective backstories? How are all these characters connected through history? Who the **** is Thor and why is he here? He's a God but all of a sudden he shows up? What, why? How does he know Loki and what is their relationship? "Did you mourn?" What is he talking about? What's that blue cube tessa-whatever and why is it important? Does the cube just teleport people? Nope, it also opens wormholes and it's a power source with it's own mind, "She's behaving." Who's this scientist guy and why is he important? Who's the black guy with one eye? A flying aircraft carrier? Ok, I'm turning this off. ALL of the story for this film was told in the previous films. There are subtle and not so subtle connections made in every film.

No there is not anything overly confusing if you just apply generic labels to the characters and go along with the film completely ignoring dialogue and suspending all disbelief. Loki is the bad guy, the heroes get together to save earth. I loved the Avengers because of the connections between these characters that dates back to WW2. How these films are interconnected makes the Avengers that much more enjoyable.

I am not a comic reader and I don't expect to see Justice League in the theatres because there is no buildup of the characters, but I did see Avengers there. I never had strong feelings for Cap or Thor until I saw their individual films, and I loved them. DC won't be doing that with their characters and that allows me to continue my negative thoughts about the characters involved (Aquaman is a *****). The individual films of the MCU allowed me to connect with the characters before the Avengers, making the team-up film much more epic than it otherwise would have been.

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