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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
I don't think Kingpin is off the table, I think Avi Arad was wrong about Sony owning the rights to Kingpin, otherwise Kingpin would have been allowed to Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

What evidence is there that Arad's opinions were correct, he has been wrong before.
Kingpin was also going to be in the FOX reboot of the series before it fell apart and the rights reverted back to Marvel.

This is what Greg Weisman said with regards to the use of Kingpin in Spectacular Spider-Man.

IGN: Organized crime in this realm obviously leads to one character that I'm curious if you're able to use, which is the Kingpin.

Weisman: We can't is the short answer, and I won't pretend it doesn't bum me out a little bit. It's nobody's fault. It's just the way things work out from a contractual standpoint. Do I think it's a bummer? Yeah. But all things considered, I think Tombstone's turned out really cool and we wouldn't have had this Tombstone, frankly, if we had Kingpin. So I gotta say, I'm not too sorry about how things turned out, in hindsight. I won't pretend I wasn't bummed the first time I was told I couldn't use Kingpin. I was. But in hindsight, I'm kind of happy, because now I feel like we have a really cool character in Tombstone and if at some point we can bring Kingpin in, which I'm still hopeful will be the case maybe in Season 3 or at some point, then we'll have two great characters instead of just one.

IGN: Just to clarify, this is because Kingpin is part of the Daredevil rights, is that correct?

Weisman: Kingpin is part of the Daredevil license and again, this is not a Marvel issue, this is not a Sony issue, this is purely a contractual thing.

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