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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by DarkSovereignty View Post
Yeah the whole "jor el is a douche" thing was rather ill conceived from the get go. All it did was inject more forced drama into a show that was already Dawson's creek: x files edition.
Someone brought a good point up when they said Jor-el was basically Smallville Eradicator ( Smallville Jor-el A.I. started out being housed within Clark's spaceship, while the Eradictor's original form resembled Kal-El's spaceship, brainwashed Clark among others (Lindsey Harrison,Eradicator mindcontrolled 2 scientists into creating a Phantom Zone while Smallville simply had a Fortress crystal), genetically altered humans (Jonathan Kent,Lindsey Harrison, Jimmy Olsen, ), desires to turn Clark into an ideal Kryptonian, created a Fortress and merged with a human-Lionel Luthor in Smallville and Dr. David Connor in the comics.) combined with Richard Donner Fortress and the real Jor-El sent only his knowledge rather than his personality and seeing how pre season 5 Clark was more like Byrne and Christopher Reeve Clark(who had a fear if his Kryptonian side and was really not a fan of the Eradicator who did exactly what Jor-el A.I. did) while Post season 5 Clark was starting to accept his Kryptonian side(and at times tried to act more cold and distance based on most of the Kryptonians he have seen before truly balancing his Human/Kryptonian side) more and tried to accepted his Kryptonian side, to Chloe, Jonathan and Martha's distaste at times(but Clark season 5-8 wanted to be normal until Hex).

So honestly Smallville Jor-el is a combination of characters just like Chloe(Pre and Post Crisis Lana, Jimmy, Pete Ross, Ma and Pa Kent at times, Lois at times, and Barbara Gordon/Oracle),.Bart(Barry, Comic and DCAU Wally and comic Bart), Lex(Silver/Bronze Age Lex(specifically Elliot S. Maggin) raised by Post Crisis(specifically John Byrne) at the beginning type Lex), etc

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