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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Oh how I've missed the Smallville threads. I feel like so much as changed since these moved locations.

But anyway, I finally continued my watch of the entire series in the past couple of weeks. I stopped after Reckoning but now I'm midway through season 6, and I must say, I always labeled it as the worst season, but I actually appreciate it now. At the time, we all hated how bad it made Clark look, but now I think it was very necessary to show Clark's "downfall" because it really set up his ascension in in the futre. He was really at his lowest point, and like they say, before things can get better, they get worse.

Not to mention, I loved Ollie's first appearance when he was actually a superhero and not he wallowing pit of pity that he became in season 8 and 9. It also showed Lois how to handle being in a relationship where the hero's responsibility to the people comes first. But of course, it wasn't perfect. I didn't like the idea of Lex banging the love of Clark's life and the whole pregnancy angle, although I did like the twist at the end where Lana worked with Lionel to get info on Lex. But Lana's descent as a Luthor was not needed and helped ruin her character.

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