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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
^^^ Needs is a strong word. As much as some of us want it to happen it doesn't need to happen as far as money is concerned because once again let's face it the wants of the comic book fans are but a measly speck of the audience that would go see these films.

I do admit it could be a good idea to get the more "hardcore" heroes out under the Marvel Knights banner. However, I don't think they should get a whole Phase directed to them, they wouldn't rake in the money to warrant it.
'Needs' might have been a strong word. Let's say 'would benefit from', then.

With the 'MCU proper' heading in a more cosmic, world/universe endangering direction, there's a whole slew of MONETIZABLE street-level characters and stories that have been been given the slightly shorter end of the stick.

My proposal was never to dedicate an entire Phase to them. More like a separate division of Marvel to make, say, one hypothetical Marvel Knights movie a year on, say, a $75-100 million budget. I'm sure Feige could deputize someone to oversee these movies just how he himself has sheparded the Marvel movies thus far.

The mandate would essentially be:
1. In continuity with the MCU, proper.
2. No real narrative threads crossing over that would unnecessarily muddy the continuity.

IMO both of the above would be quite easy to implement.

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