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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Regarding Cavill being a better actor than RDJ....Downey, in his younger days, was tipped as a future star because aside from his good looks he possessed charisma and great dramatic and comedic talent. From his SNL stint to LESS THAN ZERO to CHAPLIN alone you knew this guy would make it on far more than just having a pretty face girls and gay guys could squee over.

Cavill, imo, in everything I've seen him in so far is precisely the kind of young actor who gets big opportunities because he has a marketable look and nothing more. He comes across to me as a bland performer(so far in his career though he may get better) and if anything the only time I've been impressed with his acting is the snippets of the interview scene with Amy Adams' Lois in the MOS trailer. He nearly got Bond because he stereotypically looked the part because I don't genuinely believe, then anyway, that if he had been cast in CR he would have been as good as Craig however good the material was.

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