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Default Re: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy vs Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Story to the heart: Not talking cheese or seriousness, these don't have a big impact in this regard. I guess I'll give Batman the edge

Point goes to Nolan's Batman

Star Character and actor portrayal: Tobey Maguire was given the role of Ross Gellar from friends when he's out of costume, at he was funny as that. As Spider-Man he was solid
Bale's Batman voice is good for jokes and to make fun of, I get they're inspired by the comics when it comes to that, but it's hilarious. Good portrayal as either sides of the coin

CB wins, and point goes to Nolan's Batman

Love Interest: I like how Katy Holmes was portrayed, and think Maggie G. was a better cast, only thing I don't like about her in TDK is how she stopped wanting Bruce to be Batman and left him for Harvey, it came out of the blue
Dunst as MJ is at her best in Spider-Man 3, yeah she made her share of mistakes, but in the end she was a better character in the finale than she was before.
In SM2: Peter, you did not see my play, F-U, jerk. And I can't keep thinking about when Peter offered her burgers in the first movie after she told him she was dating Harry and before breaking up with him, and the MTV series showed her giving Peter another chance with a smile after he missed her play the first time, and in that show she actually told Peter to come
In SM1 she was a s***, easy, jumping from one guy to another like that, why'd she even accept Harry

3 points for Nolan's Batman, to nothing for Raimi's Spider-Man

Supporting Cast: I'll give it a tie and pass it over. No points given

Villains: I'll only compare Green Goblin to The Joker, they had the same view, same speech, very similar motives. In manner of speaking Joker belongs to a movie, GG belongs to an 80s cartoon

4 - 0 in favor of Nolan's Batman

Action: Spider-Man, by far. Of course with Batman being grounded and not allowed to jump as much it shouldn't be fair to compare, each belong to their own category when it comes to skill sets, but I'll give dues for the Final Swing scenes

4 - 1, only one point for Raimi's Spidey trilogy

Costumes: Batman

5 - 1 in favor of Nolan films

Supporting Hero turning evil having a speech delivered to him by the villain he was chasing after: Or giving up to the dark side growing in him as some would say. I still don't like this part of the Dark Knight, at least don't like Harvey listening to Joker, not cause it's unrealistic, it could happen, but I easily like Eddie Bock turning evil, it was a more enjoyable transition

I love both series, don't look down to any movie of the bunch, even with the very obvious problems in Spider-Man 3, and how disgustingly childish when it comes to Peter missing her play once then horribly acting like the untrustworthy p.o.s they wrote her to be in that film leaving her groom hanging at the altar Mary Jane is in Spider-Man 2


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