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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Like Michael Corleone said...just when I thought I was out....they drag me back in.

Originally Posted by snyderrocks View Post
okay that's up to you anyway i just can't believe how my Henry Cavill remark got sliced and diced because i am a dc fan when all i was saying was that Henry was cast as superman two different times . and gave a more experienced actor with awards a run for his money for a chance to play 007 at age 22 ,
Uh....your statement that got me involved in this discussion was NOT about how Henry was a great actor because he almost became Bond and did become Superman.

Here is your post that brought me in here which says and Henry Cavill is ten times the actor Robert Downey Jr is . ....this lead to a poster insulting you, and I came in and deleted and infracted the post....but I also wished to address the post you made, and did so here which says You're entitled to your opinion....but I don't think you will find many that agree with that statement. Judge them by their actual acting roles, not which superhero they are playing or their looks. As you can have made no mention of Cavill being a better actor because he almost became Bond but did become Superman, but I have already suggested that your comment was based upon being a DC/Superman fan more than on two separate actors actual acting abilities (and my statement was based upon my looking at your profile and posting history which showed an overwhelming preference to DC characters over Marvel ones). And let me state...I don't care if someone likes one group over the other (I personally like all comic characters and don't divide them)....I was just pointing out how you had an obvious bias, and thus your original statement should be taken with a grain of salt.

Originally Posted by snyderrocks View Post
Henry who is capable of playing bond and superman must be more talented then Robert a man who gets millions just to play a self portrait of himself as tony stark .
You obviously have a very limited movie watching experience.

You say that Cavill is a better actor than Downey because Cavill is capable of playing James Bond and Superman (two heroic figures)....but that Downey only plays himself.

Robert Downey Jr only plays himself?......he has played billionaire genius alcoholic Tony Stark, reknowned sleuth Sherlock Holmes, a newspaper journalist that helps a homeless man, a crazed actor that dons blackface to play an African American, a corrupt federal agent that kills a US Marshal, a CIA financed pilot, legendary comedian Charles Chaplin, drug addicted teenager, etc.....

I did not get into this conversation because you said that Cavill was better than Downey because Cavill was almost Bond and did become Superman....I came into this conversation because you said that Caville was 10 times the actor that Downey was. I did not get into this conversation because I don't like Caville. I like him. From what I have seen he is a decent actor and really looks good in the part of Superman. I did not come into this conversation because I love Downey. I spent most of his career not liking him as a person but liking his performances. I did not come into this conversation because I am a Dc fan. I did not come into this conversation because I am a Marvel fan. I came into the conversation because I saw some one who was obviously a young poster making a grand sweeping statement as fact when he quite obviously was only a DC/Superman fan posting the equivilant of "my daddy can beat up your daddy" on the schoolyard.

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