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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

I am a DC fan. (I admit.)

But, it is ridiculous to say that Henry Cavill is Ten times better actor than a senior actor like Robert Downey Jr.

A big credit for making Iron Man franchise and Avengers successful goes to RDJ. Same for WB's Sherlock Homes movies. Not to mention multiple critically acclaimed movies.

I like Superman, but Iron Man 3 is going to be this year's most successful movie.

Now, I think that MOS will be really good movie that has potential to make Superman popular again and it will make about 700 mil worldwide. It certainly looks a lot better than Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV and Superman Returns.

I cannot understand naysayers who don't like MOS simply because of Snyder's other movies or because Nolan is involved with it or because it is following a "grounded" approach.

Edit: For IM 3, i don't mind plot twist whatever that is, as I liked TDKR and the ending did not stop it from becoming a successful movie, regardless of the fact that some fans were not in favor of that.


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