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Default Re: Ego: The Dark World

I think it's worth bringing this back up. For a couple reasons in the new trailer:

1. the sequence we see Thor struggling in battle against Malekith. Are they on a dangerous planet that is trying to destroy them?
2. the snippit on Earth? where a black landmass-type material falls from the sky. Is Ego sicked upon Midgard?
3. Odin says "darkness has survived." Few of Thor's villains could match this description.

In that, I think we can assume safely that Ego wouldn't be purple but probably black. And it would be a logical reason to bring Jane to Asgard to protect her. Its also a reason he'd need Loki's help.

Also, what with IM3's 4+ villains and CA:TWS's 4+ villains, it would seem Malekith and Algrim might not be alone in their endeavor.

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