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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

She's FLYING! (look, thor....i can see my house from here)

On another note, that Jesus Christ pose got me wondering if we'll see her get an Asgardian-style death and resurrection. All signs in the trailer do point towards her being, toast, yes; but a lot of people are also advancing the theory that Thor goes to Loki for help in bringing her back from the dead, quite literally.

I'm wondering now if the mystery casting for Alice Krige *does* put her as Hela, and if a dead Jane actually goes to Hela's realm. There's a very brief scene from the trailer that shows Thor and Loki trudging across the frozen tundra with a figure in rags we only see from behind. My theory is that it's Jane, and she's a literal walking corpse.


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