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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
As you sarcastically indicate, the talent behind something is a strong indicator of quality. True, it's not absolutely certain, but MOS has a better story person on story (Nolan) and a better action guy on action (Snyder) and a theme that's deeper and much more far reaching than IM's tech thriller character study. It has notably higher quality actors, with the exceptions of RDJ and Kingsley when compared to the lead hero and villain, and MOS has a higher budget. One of those things would have to be mis-utilized in order for MOS not to be a better film overall, and there's no indication of that happening, but you're right, it is possible and it is subjective. Some people think Superman Returns was superior to Batman Begins. There's nothing to change that, but I'm still going to say Batman Begins was obviously a better film, as though it were a fact, because by any objective standard, assuming such exists, it is.

I won't comment much on the plot twist, because I don't want to know any more about it than I already do. If it works or not, critics will certainly comment on such an important story point, that's their job. And while it may not break the film, if it is anticlimactic/contrived, like the one in TDKR, it will cause the film to be less well received.
Name actors are good for marquee, but they don't guarantee quality. Nor does a high profile producing credit. See IMDB...The ingredients are there, but until we see the film nothing is for certain. What you have is an educated guess at best. The rest is fan-wankery.

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