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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by fixxxer View Post
Yes, those are the primary 2 points I kept in mind while thinking about how Marvel ought to go about this. While those are still problems to overcome, handing off the annual 'Marvel Knights' films to a different, isolated, but yet collaborative division of Marvel would melp mitigate both.

To address #1, the budget of these movies would be modest compared to tentpoles like the Iron Man, Thor and even Avengers films. I believe a $150-200 million worldwide gross would be the minimum amount required in order to justify a film made off of a $75-100 mill budget. I cannot imagine a 'Marvel' branded movie making less unless it is an absolute turd. I trust Fiege to put the right people in place, so much so that I cannot conceive of this scenario.

To address #2, tonally, these movies will be gritty and thus somewhat disassociated from the fun, bright mainstream MCU movies.

Note: I don't necessarily mean R-rated when I say gritty. Contrary to popular belief, I don't believe that nudity and/or viscera are essential to depicting Punisher (for example) on film.
Like I said #1 is doable.
#2 however is more difficult because even if the films are different than the rest of the MCU movies they're still comic book movies and therefore still fall into the same category. TDK and Avengers are two totally different films but they still are superhero films. This is the over-saturation Fiege is talking about.

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