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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
The average person used to not care. Superman: The Movie managed to be one of the highest grossing movies of 1978 despite depicting Superman stopping an earthquake by pushing a tectonic plate. Why has that changed? Why have people become such killjoys that they expect fantasy to be realistic?
Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
No, it's not fanboyism, it's your complete lack of imagination that can't see the ability to create drama in a movie where Superman is depicted as he should be, doing the impossible. You people would suck at writing a movie or a comic, and this damn obsession with realism is killing the genre. God I am so sick of this.
Well, I’d wager we all want the same thing - kick-ass action and spectacular super feats that put Iron Man and Hulk to shame.

Of course, Superman is a walking/flying violation of physics. I maintain, though, that this fantasy is actually more exciting when it’s put alongside the familiar/real world. But if you start to imply that - wink, wink - the surrounding rules are different for Supes and relaxed for his convenience (as in my SIII example) then the feats of strength become decidedly less impressive.

Yes, audiences have gotten a bit more knowledgeable and critical (cynical?) since STM. But I don’t think we can scold them into being less demanding, less knowledgeable; we (and filmmakers) have to deal with it.

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