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Default Re: Ego: The Dark World

Look at it this way, colors are brighter in comics. Thor's hair is yellow. Not blonde but yellow. His pants are royal blue. Malekith's face is powder blue! Y'know? Like Ego might as well be black. Purple is just a stylized black.

So picture him Black. Perhaps without a nose/beard. With or without eyes. Now, imagine the energy our own planet would have if it were alive. Our Earth is something like 70 quintillion tons, so massive it emits a gravitational pull of ~10m/s, sucking everything in its vicinity in and never letting it leave AND 99% of it consists of molten metals. Now, if that doesn't intimidate you, give it a brain and a stomach...

Let's say Odin, when referencing the darkness before time means some sort of Dark Energy/Matter that made up all of existence. Darkness known as Ego. Some of it survived (with help from the Space Gem?) and formed a sentient planet shaped object.

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