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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 8

Originally Posted by Joe_Kickass View Post
I meant more "supernatural" powers. Vulture's were because of a suit, like you said Kraven didn't have powers. And Black Cat isn't a straight up villian, she's well, she's basically like Catwoman lol she's Spidey's partner when she needs to be, and an advesary the rest of the time. Scorpin knew he was getting powers, but he didn't know it was going to be permanent. His origin is similar to Rhino's. Both were put into a super suit that fused to their skin, so that counts as "accidental" because it wasn't their intention for it to be permanent, hell, Scorpin's original intention wasn't even to be a villian.
Nearly all of spiderman's villains are of scientific nature. Not supernatural. Electro is really the only main stream one to just be a freak accident of nature

And yeah, Felicia was never really a villain but the point still stands since she eventually became both his lover and yet kryptonite.

Point in case though.... Electro is truly the only popular spiderman villain to just be a victim of nature and chance. I guess venom sort of counts as well since the symbiote is a living thing... But he didn't want it. But embraced it when he got it.

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