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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 8

Originally Posted by SonicWarrior View Post
Even so, I don't see it. Yeah, but to be honest, the other suit didn't look too amazing from set photos either. I was trying to find a bigger pic as right before you said that.

This was the first set pic I saw of the TASM costume. And it looked horrible (still does). It took me a long time to look past this pic and look at the other TASM set pics with clearer eyes lol. But after a while, for the most part, the set pics for the TASM costume looked pretty good IMO.

The set pics for TASM2 just don't show the TASM2 costume well at all (and those bloody clunky boots lol).

But yeah, I do agree that the promo image shows what it can look like. I want to see a full body one soooooooon. Those set pics aren't doing it justice.

Also, while the eyes look big in the promo image, they look bigger on the set pics. Regardless, I don't like the new eyes currently. They're just too big.

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