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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 8

Originally Posted by ITheSymbioteI View Post
Get over it. You're in a Spider-Man movie discussion thread. Making fun of talking about little details is pointless. We're discussing a 2 hour movie over the length of 2 years. The little details are all thats left. Lets not get into the whole 'defend the littlest thing' - thing. If you want a discussion, a discussion is what I'm giving you. You ARE in a forum after all, aren't you? Just stating what I think and why I feel the change isn't bad.
When the littlest thing is just saying I enjoy the first film's suit, I would suggest that you should get over it and just move on to someone else. Me liking the first film's suit shouldn't make your head explode where you have to find out why I'm not a so-called fan of change.

Well if its new and refreshing you want, why are you complaining?

If they stuck to the first movies costume then according to you argument, that would be the bad thing!

Its clear by now that this suit is different from Raimi's AND TASM. This is an all new suit. Then by your account, that should be good.
The same honeycomb pattern used by Raimi, the more noticeable raised webbing used by Raimi and using the classic design taking away from the actual refreshing look seen in TAS-M...the only thing really new and refreshing are the big ol' eyes. Don't kid yourself into calling this new and refreshing.

And you're not even understanding my "argument" if you think I meant I wouldn't like the same costume to be used in the sequel. You're now just twisting my words around, the logical thing for a poster to do on here, so I forgive you for that

Give me those bigger eyes on the first suit with a full on "belt" and different boots and you have something that I'd enjoy.

Originally Posted by Uroboric Forms View Post
One theory that sounds pretty dope is that Osborn tries to magpie all these different properties of animals, and it ****s him right up.
Interesting, although it doesn't explain how GG's harnesses something with those electric eels and be green while Max ends up turning blue.

Originally Posted by Pac-Master View Post
From these pics, it looks like the camera is focused on whatever's inside the building, and Spidey looks to be sort of hiding behind the wall. Maybe he's about to get the jump on whatever's in there. Then again, I could be completely wrong.

Lol...I want to see a shot of the film when watching the film and you just see Spidey crawling his way up.

Originally Posted by Smegger56 View Post
Not impressed. Not even the TASM suit looked cheap in the set pics.

Originally Posted by socool View Post
Everyone *****ing about the suit quality...we all saw what happened with the TASM suit. It looked way better in the film than it did on set, so why wouldn't it be the same here?
It looked fine on set.

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