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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by SpideyVille View Post
Oh how I've missed the Smallville threads. I feel like so much as changed since these moved locations.

But anyway, I finally continued my watch of the entire series in the past couple of weeks. I stopped after Reckoning but now I'm midway through season 6, and I must say, I always labeled it as the worst season, but I actually appreciate it now. At the time, we all hated how bad it made Clark look, but now I think it was very necessary to show Clark's "downfall" because it really set up his ascension in in the futre. He was really at his lowest point, and like they say, before things can get better, they get worse.

Not to mention, I loved Ollie's first appearance when he was actually a superhero and not he wallowing pit of pity that he became in season 8 and 9. It also showed Lois how to handle being in a relationship where the hero's responsibility to the people comes first. But of course, it wasn't perfect. I didn't like the idea of Lex banging the love of Clark's life and the whole pregnancy angle, although I did like the twist at the end where Lana worked with Lionel to get info on Lex. But Lana's descent as a Luthor was not needed and helped ruin her character.
Funny thing is, I made a thread about how I view Clark in season 6 and 7 as leading into the Clark of post season 8 and how it wasn't a lightswitch.

The thing I now noticed about Oliver, albeit being an interesting character and a good leader at times and he was in some ways interested in social justice and helping the oppressed like comic Ollie, was that he was more or less obsessed with the Luthor's(episodes like Sneeze, Rage, Bride, Requiem, Echo highlights this point), especially Lex(who was understandably a big threat when they were building a Superhuman army) and taking down rich corrupt people (with the League taking down a few criminals and helping a few people when needed when they were doing their own thing and not taking down LexCorp bases as seen in that Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom comic) even before he found out Lionel killed his parents it just pushed his obsession with Lex over the edge(killing Lex and guilt, the death of Jimmy and the events in Roulette, training Mia Dearden and running into Vordigan/Dark Archer/Merlyn as well as the JSA brought him to a more season 6/iconic Green Arrow type personality again with mainly the help of Clark and Chloe).

While Clark didn't veiw Lex as that much of a threat and an important villain at times and when he wasn't pining over Lana, he was dealing with Brainiac, Phantom Zone Prisoners, etc. until he saw an Alternate world universe without him in it and Lex was the president who destroyed the planet leading to Brainiac bringing back Zod in "Apocalypse" and the events of "Arctic" and "Odyssey" leading Clark to realize how dangerous Lex really is unchecked and how he should have been more proactive.

But after they had to find Clark and Chloe, Clark. When Clark, Martian Manhunter and Chloe officially joined and took a more active part in helping the League and a few events in season 8-the VRA/death of Hawkman in season 10 is when they started become more focused in taking down alien threats and protecting the world as well as becoming a better team/actual Justice League. Clark, even in season 5-7 or was acting like a "I work better alone" type was better at inspiring people(episode like "Bulletproof" and post Justice Society episodes like "Escape" and "Checkmate" and "Salvation" showed him really becoming more of a team member) into becoming better people/heroes actually trying to save the world and sometimes rallying them together when they were needed ("Ryan", "Ageless", "Run", "Aqua", "Hex", "Idol", "Salvation", "Patriot", "Booster" are a few examples) while Oliver was better at giving them a purpose and motivation by giving them a costume, a Superhero codename, and a target in the form of taking down Lex and his evil plans and destroy LuthorCorp/LexCorp bases around the world, and be a part of a team and using their assets(Bart using super speed to steal, Aquaman using his abilities to protect the environment and destroying government and LexCorp bases to protect sealife, Victor cybernetic and willing to commit suicide, etc) and to me they officially became a team in Justice when they had to save Clark and Bart and incidentally take down the LexCorp 33.1 base and found out about 33.1 bases all around the world(made out of people who were still in many ways loners and sometimes do things off the grid which Oliver admitted Aquaman did from time to time in Patriot until meeting the JSA and the founding of Watchtower, Chloe kept them connected and really organized the team).

In fact if it wasn't for Oliver, Tess Mercer and Chloe's interference, Clark could have separated Doomsday and Davis and put him in the Phantom Zone without the deaths and destruction.(but seeing as how Davis was without Doomsday the results would have varied honestly).

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