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Default Re: Russell Crowe IS Jor-El

Originally Posted by Jim-El View Post
If the direction is simular to STM, I would guess he could be in future sequels as the Fortress of Solitude's hologram.
As much as I am looking forward to Crowe as Jor-El and I think he will be the definitive portrayal of the character for me, I'd prefer they don't go the STM route. I'd rather Jor-El's hologram as seen in the Comic-Con trailer simply be a single pre-recorded message. It would make the most sense given the interview hints about Kal-El being conflicted regarding Zod and company and how he has no one else from whom he can learn about Krypton. I don't like interpretations like STM or Smallville where Superman can constantly go back to an omnipotent AI version of his father for advice.

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