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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

I'm looking forward to both but I feel Iron Man 3 will likely take the box office and MOS will be more emotionally satisfying to me. But I also feel it'll be a really close call, just barely won by MOS (just going off of what we've seen so far of both films).

Originally Posted by snyderrocks View Post
strong contender to play christian grey any way you slice it and dice it Henry is better then Robert then and now .
Originally Posted by snyderrocks View Post
I have read the books ,he fit's the role of christian grey perfectly and he even he met with the films producers last year to talk about him possibly playing the role and he won't be type cast as superman like his predecessors before he hits 40 he will be bigger then Robert ever was .


You see.....

*Reads the rest of the thread*

Oh God.

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