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Default Re: The #4 movie - which movie series will have it first?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
They've said it doesn't ignore X3, and it has most of the original cast back. I think that makes it X4. Some FC characters are in it, but that doesn't make it FC2. That just means they're including prequel characters.
Don't you see how that goes both ways though?

"They've said it doesn't ignore XFC, most of the XFC cast is back. I think that makes it FC2. Some X3 characters are in it, but that doesn't make it X4. That just means they're including original trilogy characters."

And honestly... do you think the next X-Men movie that doesn't feature the FC crew will be called X-Men 5? Really guys, if it was actually X-Men 4, then it would be called "X-Men 4: Days of Future Past."

The issue is that while it has sequel elements of an X4, it also has elements of an XFC2, which technically makes it neither or both, but because it's not one or the other it can't be X4 or FC2... it's a new thing. Just because Han and Chewie travel back to meet Jar Jar doesn't make it Episode VII. Usually we judge sequels by chronological order, or at least in time travel stories, cause and effect... but with DOFP all that gets muddled with, so you can't honestly call it either.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
The original cast of the X-Men trilogy is probably going to the past period (where the cast of First Class is set), so Days of Future Past is going to be the 4th chapter of their adventure as the X-Men. So that makes it X-Men 4. They are not showing events that already happened in the past. And its not a spin-off like The Wolverine where there's only 1 character from the original trilogy that is going to appear in the movie in a starring role. This isn't also a cross-over movie like The Avengers because First Class wasn't a separate series.

We can only really confirm that DOFp is X-Men 4 once we saw the movie, but I'm quite confident that DOFP is X-Men 4. Having half of the cast of X3 says it all for me.
And having half the cast for X:FC doesn't say anything to you?

Just so you know (as I know you already know, but I'm being sarcastic) Days of Future Past is an alternate timeline story for the future, so it's most likely that XFC and X3 crews will be going into the future after Xavier or someone like him has been killed.

Do you think, if they make an X-Men movie after this, ostensibly without the FC cast, they'll call it X-Men 5?

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