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Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
The more I think about it the more the Paris Peace Accord fits as the big historical event that will be a focal point of the 1973 portion of the movie...

The X Envelope is still interesting, since it's a real thing, and may be the plot device, but Paris seems like a better backdrop...

Same with all of the Watergate stuff, that actually happened in 1972, but a lot of the turmoil wrapped up in 73. But again, the Peace Accord seems better...

Still, since this is all about Vietnam, I could easily see the war being at least an early scene in the movie.

Now Wolverine, in the comic, did not serve in Vietnam since he was in Canada, but in Origins he did. I could easily see Bryan working this angle. You have the most popular X-character alive (and looking pretty much the same) in the 70's, and you have a new character (if BooBoo is indeed Forge) serving in Vietnam where he loses his arm and leg.

What an amazing scene that could be...

Just picture BooBoo as Forge in Vietnam in a battle where Wolverine is running around taking out the baddies. Would they have Forge use his Medicineman powers, as he did in the comics, raising the spirits of his fallen comrades to defeat the enemy? Would he have to call in an airstrike that causes him to lose an arm and a leg? Would Wolverine get caught in this airstrike, but lives because of his healing factor, which allows him to save Forge?

Then cut to a year or two later and Forge joining the 1973 X-men...

It just seems to coincidental that BooBoo fits the look of Forge, Forge is (in the cartoon) involved in DOFP, the events of 1973 were all about Vietnam (the Peace Accord, X Envelope, Watergate) and Forge was in the war...

Super Jim I think that sounds really cool, I hope they do have this actor as Forge that would be a great scene and this X envelope you speak of I have never heard of but that sounds too good a opportunity to pass up. Id like to see this movie if your hunch turns into something real, I also hope they somehow bring Cyclops back. he was under mind control for X2 & killed off screen in X3.... Id love it if they managed to bring Nightcrawler back but thats already been ruled out unfortunately

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